Sunday, July 20, 2008

Move Over Beethovan

During our visit to Grandma's house in Little Rock, Jacob became quite the little pianist.  Here's a video of him playing the piano and singing the "ABC song."  When he saw me break out the camera he became a little hesitant to perform; but as soon as he took his hat off, he got serious. [Just ignore Asher's crying in the background........] 

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Move Over David Beckham!

Yesterday was soccer again and Jacob was amazing out there! He was dribbling the ball back and forth across the field, kicking the ball into the goal and then shouting, "Goooaaaallll!"
He followed the instructions of Coach Matt and Coach Chris -- sititng on his color spot and sitting on the soccer ball when told, and doing the 'airplane' after each set of 'little kicks.'

Getting ready to leave the house for soccer - with uniform and new shoes on!
Even Asher was dressed for soccer!
Ryan, Jacob and Allison at the playground before soccer class starts.
This move is called 'airplane.'  They put one foot on the ball and their hands in the air.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Asher got so tired doing 'tummy time' on his mat today that he just conked out!  

Look at these feet!  They're so yummy that I just had to take a picture and put them on the blog!  


Yesterday we went to Build-A-Bear with Grandma and Papa.  Jacob made Puffy the Panda for himself and Elliott the Elephant for Asher.  Jacob picked the USA shirt and jean shorts for "Puffy," but went for a more preppy look for "Elliott" with the argyle sweater.  These new "bears" were introduced to the other members of our Build-A-Bear family, Curly Bear and Baby Jaguar.  

Jacob's New Motorcycle

Last week Jacob got a new motorcycle.  He helped Daddy put it together and then we went for a ride around the neighborhood!  Vrrroommm!!  Vrrooommm!!