Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day of Pre-School

Today was Jacob's first day of Pre-school.  Jacob He was very excited to get to school and see his teachers, Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Gladstone.  Daddy went with us to drop off Jacob and he was also excited about showing Daddy his classroom.  Jacob did well, until Mommy and Daddy were ready to leave and he had a small meltdown. (And so did Mommy, in the parking lot)... But, Mrs. Bell said that he calmed down almost immediately after we left and that Jacob was her buddy for the day.  She reported that he was very cooperative and a very good "sharer" of toys with the other children in the class.  He said that one of his favorite parts of today was getting to wear an astronaut 'dress.'  
I am so excited to see how Jacob grows and blossoms this year, making new friends, being in a new environment, new schedule, etc.  I pray that his teachers are able to realize his gifts and appreciate the sweet boy that he is.  And also that they will be patient with him and take the time to work with him on areas in which he needs some guidance.  
Its been an exciting but an exhausting day and one that we will always remember!