Friday, September 11, 2009


We have a lot of changes and transitions that we have been working through this past week:  Jacob's new pre-school, Mommy's new work schedule, a new nanny at our house on Wednesdays, an almost-4-year-old who is testing the waters and asserting his independence (constantly), a 1 year old who is transitioning to a new napping schedule....and now that its finally Friday, I am exhausted!!  Jacob has not been handling drop off at pre-school very well and today I was able to speak with his teacher.  She said that he stops crying usually a few seconds after I leave.  She said that he plays really well with his friends in the class and participates in all of the projects.  She also said that he's very smart....well, I could have told her that! :)  I'm hoping that given a little more time, we will all adjust to these new changes and that Jacob will be happy to go to school in the mornings!  I'm putting these pictures on this post because they make me smile, and after the week we've had, I need something to smile about! 

Aviation Museum

The boys and I went to the Aviation Museum yesterday.  It was great!  Lots of interactive things to do, even for the little ones.  And the best part is that they had a real plane that the kids could "fly!"