Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We've got teeth!

Asher has teeth!  Two of them, actually.  They came in yesterday, finally!!  We went for his six month checkup last week.  He's 16 lbs, 1 oz. (25-50%) and 27 1/4 inches (90%!!!)  So, looks like we're going to have another tall and skinny boy!  He had to get three vaccines (shots) but actually did very well and cried just a little.  He also got a flu shot, which he wasn't real happy about, since by that point he was tired and hungry and wanted to go home to sleep in his bed.  Mommy got a flu shot too, which she wasn't real thrilled about either.  

This morning after I fed Asher breakfast, I poured some puffs and cheerios out on his tray and he was able to pick them up himself and get some of them in his mouth!  What an advanced little boy!!  He is developing his 'pincer' grasp and will soon be able to feed himself table foods!! Yay!!

Halloween 2008

Our neighborhood gets really into Halloween.  There is a house decorating contest, judged by a committee of neighbors.  Last year we didn't even place in the contest.  So, this year we've ramped it up a bit at 506 Midsummer Drive.  We got a spotlight for our skull this year so it is visible at night.  We also have new black urns with black twigs and orange lights on the porch to complement our new Halloween wreath.  And of course, we have our grave yard with skulls and bones poking out of the ground.  Oh yeah, and the skeleton hanging from the tree......Here's to hoping we make a good showing in the contest!  Well, I guess we can't do any worse than last year, right?!?!?!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jacob for President

Grandma Cowell bought Jacob this Kenneth Cole suit last year. Even though it was way too big then, she couldn't resist. We tried it on the other day, just for fun. I just had to roll the waist band down one time and WOW, my little boy turned into a grown up! I can't believe how big he is. More so, I can't believe I'm the mother of a three year old boy!

After we got the coat and tie on, Jacob asked, "Mom, can I go to work now?" Of course you can, kid! Its time to start earning your keep around here!

Grandma Stephanie gave Jacob this laptop at the beach and its been quite a hit. He spends a lot of time in his room doing 'work' now. This laptop has so many educational functions, it is my new favorite birthday gift for all of Jacob's friends.


This picture didn't turn out very well, because I had to quickly grab my camera and try to capture this precious moment between brothers. They're having their first little conversation!